Exploring Brainpop Jr.

Brainpop Jr

In the next few weeks, we will be exploring all the online resources we have. Today we will explore Brainpop Jr. We will look at the Categories, topics and other features. We will choose at least one story and then complete the form below.

Exploring Brainpop Worksheet

Jobs Around Town: It’s Gonna Be May!

May is finally here and we are talking about Jobs Around Town! We will be investigating all the different community helpers that we see everyday. We will be asking and answering questions like: what tools do a firefighter, teacher, police officer and mailman need to do their job?

We will start with the stories below:


Community Helpers

Brainpop Community Helpers

Tinkering with Tinkercad

Last week, we learned about solid shapes and searched for images on Google Images. This week we will put them together on iMovie and look for inspiration for our own future 3D creations on the Tinkercad Gallery. What 3D or solid shapes do you see in these neat creations below?

Tinkercad Gallery

Virtual Explorers

We are virtual explorers! We have been using the free web tools Google Maps and Google Earth to explore places in our community and our favorite places around the world. Where is your favorite place in the world?

Google Maps



Google Earth